We are firmly committed to the belief that the journey of giving back begins in our own community. In line with this philosophy, we have chosen to partner with The Christian Community Center,
aiming to create a positive impact in our local community by focusing on the education of children from low-income households around the Southwest Baltimore area.

The core mission of The Christian Community Center is not only to provide a secure and enjoyable environment for children to play but also to extend educational opportunities
to numerous families who have been adversely affected by the closure of the local public school. This closure was a response to the alarming rise in crime rates in our region.

Through our collaboration with The Christian Community Center, we aspire to contribute meaningfully to the educational and recreational well-being of these children and families.
Together, we seek to address the challenges faced by our community, fostering a brighter and more promising future for all.”

But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot
repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.